Line LED

Line LED
  • AI-1212A-D(ASYCK LITE)
Ring LED for Stereo Microscope
3in1 RGB Chip LEDs
LED Numeric Displays
7-Segment LED Displays(RGB)
LED Dot Matrix
16×16 Dot Matrix


PN: AI-1212A-D

Standard Model
RoHS Compliant



  • Tickness 10mm, Slim & Smart design, 12 Power LEDs are utilized
  • Daylight White, 360lm
  • Color temperature: 6300K
  • Life span: about 40,000 hrs. *At 70% of initial output
  • DC24V, 5.0W

Unit Specifications

Input VoltageDC24V
Power Consumption5.0W
Total Luminous Flux(360)lm
Color Temperature6,300K
Operating Temperature Range *-10 to +40°C
Operating Humidity Range *+30 to +80°C
Strage Temperature Range *-20 to +50°C
Strage Humidity Range *+20 to +90°C

* Nonfreezing and noncondensing.
** LEDs have some colors by LED characteristics.

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