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Orange Color Chip LED


RoHS Compliant
  • SMT Orange Color
  • Super high brightness
  • Dimensions: 5x5(mm)
  • High reliability
  • In-house design, Made in JAPAN

Absolute Maximum Ratings(Ta=25°C)

Forward Current (IF)50mA
Pulse Forward Current (IFP) *2120mA
Reverse Voltage (VR)5.0V
Power Dissipation (PDT) *1130mW
Operating Temperature Range (Topr)-20 to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range (Tsol)-30 to +100°C
Soldering Temperature (Tsol)Reflow soldering: MAX 260°C, within five sec.
Hand soldering: MAX 300°C, within three sec.

*1 Value when two or more devices are lit simultaneously.
*2 Duty≤1/10, Pulse width≤1ms

Electrical/ Optical Characteristics(Ta=25°C)

Forward Voltage (VF)2.22.6VIF=20mA
Reverse Current (IR)-100μAVR=5V
Luminous Intensity (IV)850-mcdIF=20mA
Dominant Wavelength (λd)602-nmIF=20mA
Spectral line half-width (Δλ)18-nmIF=20mA

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