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LED Edge Lighting

PN: AI-6156B

Standard Model
RoHS Compliant




  • Connectable to Light guide panel(5mm), 6 LEDs are utilized per 60mm
  • 5000K, 152.5lm
  • DC24V, 1.3W
  • Life span: about 40,000 hrs. * At 70% of initial output

Unit Specifications

Input VoltageDC24V
Power Consumption *1.3W
Total Luminous Flux *(152.5)lm
Unit Length60 to 1,200mm
Color Temperature(5000)K
Number of LEDs6pcs
Life spanAbout 40,000h
Operating Temperature-10 to +60°C

* Value for 60mm length
Attention 1) Nonfreezing, noncondensing.
Attention 2) LEDs have some colors by LED characteristics.

Illuminance Distribution

* These are measured value, not under guarantee.