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About Us


Security lights

Downlight Sign Board Zoomed Downlight
Street light

1 Street lighting have 3 pieces of φ80 Downlight(AI-8109).

Upper left) Information Board
Upper right) Street light(Zoomed)
Lower left) Street light

Products Used

  • Apartment

  • Counter Illumination of the cafe

  • Sign board lighting

  • Sign board lighting

  • Showcase lighting

  • Taxi roof lighting

  • Taxi roof lighting

  • Downlight at the lobby of the hotel

  • Commercial building "Takayama Land"

  • Transit mall footlighting

  • Security lights

  • Meeting Room

  • Door plate lighting

  • Dental Clinic

  • Walking road lighting

  • The Bank of Kyoto Fushimi Branch

  • 0

    Japanese Restrauant

  • Fountain full color illumination

  • 0

    Outside lighting

  • The Nanto Bank Uji Branch